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3 Reasons to Come Back to Campus


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Vice President YONEYAMA Hiroshi

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Vice President YONEYAMA Hiroshi

Welcome to APU ! And… Welcome Home to APU!

To our new students, congratulations on your enrollment at APU!
And to our returning students, welcome back!

APU’s multicultural campus where students gather from all over the world was completely changed by the global COVID-19 Pandemic. To protect our students’ health and provide classes to students who were unable to enter the country, from the AY 2020 spring semester we began providing all of our classes online. As a result, students disappeared from our campus. From the AY 2020 fall semester we began to offer some courses hybrid-style, both online and on-campus simultaneously, but many students still had not been able to come to Japan and campus was still far from the vibrant environment it had been, where many students came from all over the world to learn together.

APU is one of the only places in the world where students from all over the world gather together on one campus. By learning and having extracurricular experiences on our multicultural campus, APU students grow and learn to become people who are active on the world stage, as evidenced by our APU graduates. To restore APU’s multicultural environment, it is absolutely essential that our students come back to campus.

In the AY 2021 spring semester, after taking sufficient preventative measures we will be offering the majority of our classes on campus. Although there will be some restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are also resuming extracurriculars such as club activities. We will also be holding various events and projects to allow students to interact with each other on campus more than ever before. For students who will be unable to take class on campus due to immigration restrictions, it will continue to be possible to take classes online. However, if you can come in person we hope that you will come and enjoy a university life that can only be experienced on APU’s multicultural campus.

We hope our students and faculty will join together to restore our vibrant campus and world-class Global Learning Community.

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APU will be holding a wide variety of events on campus soon. Check out the events that interest you on this site and join them.


Please make the most of this place, APU, for yourself. There are not many places where you can cooperate so deeply with people from such diverse backgrounds and with such diverse values. Check the “Student Activities Guide”. It provide information about extracurricular activities.


Information on study support and facilities available on campus. Let's use them for learning on campus!

  • Summary of Study Support Services

    Summary of Study Support Services

    Click here for the list of AY2021 Spring Semester Summary of Study Support Services.

  • Library


    The Library is open. Click here for the opening hour.

  • SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)

    SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)

    The Self Access Learning Center (SALC) offers a range of language support options for students. Click here for checking the opening hour and reservation.

  • Writing Center

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center was established to provide support and guidance for students looking to improve their academic writing skills.

  • AMC(Analytics and Math Center)

    AMC (Analytics and Math Center)

    The AMC helps students improve their analytics and math skills.

  • SEA (Student Exchange Advisors)

    SEA (Student Exchange Advisors)

    Information for students thinking about taking part in study abroad. SEA offers individual Consultations, Student Exchange Café, and guidance.

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

    A face-to-face ​group session will be held.

  • Cafeteria and Campus shop

    Cafeteria and Campus shop

    Cafeteria and Campus shop are also open.


Academic Life

APU implement “in-person classes” on campus with thorough infection prevention measures.

APU New Normal


Come back to campus!
For those students who haven't been to campus yet, watch this video and get to know the campus life!



International students are now on arriving!

Hello Japan. Road to APU. International students are now on arriving
Hello Japan. Road to APU. International students are now on arriving