Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


International Programs

Domestic Exchange Program

Ritsumeikan University, Kinugasa Campus
Akita International University, Nakjima Library

Domestic exchange programs enable a handful of eligible student s to spend a semester or a full year studying at Ritsumeikan Univers ity (Kyoto City, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Ibaraki City, Osak a Prefecture) or Akita International University (Akita City).
Based on your personal study plan, you can apply for exchange to one of nine undergraduate colleges at Ritsumeikan University (at ei ther the Kinugasa, Biwako-Kusatsu, or the Osaka-Ibaraki Campus), or to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts at Akita International University. The credits you earn on domestic exchange can be transferred back to APU. Based on the respective student exchange agreements, the time you spend on exchange will be covered by the fees that you pay to APU. In addition to semester and year-long programs, Ritsumeikan University also offers a course during the Summer Session, and Akita International University has a short-term winter program. As with domestic exchange,credits you earn on these programs can be transferred back to APU.