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Student Life

Current Students (Leave of absence/Non-regular)

How to Request Certificates / Transcripts

Please apply from the site below.

Appliction Procedures

Step1: Submit your application via online survey

Step2: Pay (e-apply)

★★Tuition Payment Receipts (International students in their second semester at APU or higher) Click here★★

* Students in their first semester at APU should apply for an official certificate of tuition payment. (Survey)

You will need to complete separate payment procedures after submitting your application.

Eligible Applicants

Current students (leave of absence/non-regular)

Certificate Issued

Certificate Current Student
Regular Non-Regular
LOA Exchange students
from Ritsumeikan University
Exchange students
from other universities
Certificate of Registration
Certificate (for non-regular students)
Transcript of Academic Record
Certificate of Prospective Graduation/Compltion
Health Certificate Check with the Student Office before applying.
Student Discount Certificates
Certificate of Payment/Scheduled Payment
Scholarship Certificate
Special Request Certificates Check with the Student Office before applying.

*Short-term exchange students from Ritsumeikan University will be issued Student Discount Certificates authorized by Ritsumeikan University.
*Student Discount Certificates cannot be issued to students currently on a leave of absence or non-regular students.

Fees and Postal Charges

Fees Charges
Issuance Fee 200 yen/per copy
Postal Charges Domstic Mail Letter Pack 370
370 yen/per pack
Overseas Mail EMS
EMS to Asia 1,400 yen
EMS to North America, Oceania 2,400 yen
EMS to Europe 2,450 yen
EMS to South America, Africa 2,400 yen

*Please refer to the below site for specific fees in each country/region.


Beginning from June 1, 2021, some regions will be subject to a "tentative extra charge for EMS."
Refer to the Japan Post website below for details.


Payment Method

You will be directed to the payment site at the end of application survey. There are two ways to make payments. Please note we are unable to accept cash or postal money orders.

  • Pay at the convenience store
  • Pay by credit card

(Payments made using the external third-party website "e-apply")

*Please note that we are unable to refund the fee once you have paid. Confirm your application contents before making your payment.