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APU Student wins 1st prize at the "Japanese Speech Contest for Exchange Students"

Dec 3, 2008

On Saturday November 15, 2008, the Oita Prefecture Committee for International Students Exchange sponsored "Japanese Speech Contest for Exchange Students" was held at the Seibu Prefectural Hall in Oita City. Three international students from APU: CHAE KI HO (APS2, Korea), ARIYANTI Dragona (APM3, Indonesia) and CHOMICIUS Vladimiras (APM4, Lithuania) entered, and Mr. CHAE won 1st prize in fine form.

Mr. CHAE spoke about the hospitality of Japanese people in his speech entitled "Megumi", Ms. ARIYANTI spoke about global warming countermeasures in her speech entitled "A cool way to live" and Mr. CHOMICIUS introduced his country in his speech entitled "Lithuania, a beautiful country".

Mr. CHAE spoke of his gratitude at winning 1st Prize: "Preparing my speech was a lot of fun and I had a lot of support. I was able to win thanks to the advice from my friend and Japanese teacher, Part-time lecturer Ms. WATANABE Wakana. She would stay behind with me after Japanese class and help me with my preparation. I feel truly thankful."

Ms. ARIYANTI, winner of the excellence award said "I was very nervous as this was my first speech contest, but I had encouragement and support from the people around me which helped me persevere. I am now studying at APU with my friends about environmental conservation. I hope that through my speech I have made the environment known to more people and that they now have an awareness of environmental conservation."

Excellence Award winner Mr. CHOMICIUS spoke of his future ambitions: "I am glad to have been able to participate in this speech contest. Though, I wish I hadn't been so nervous and made such a mess of the start. If I ever get the opportunity again, I want to do better next time."

This contest has been held every year since 1989 aiming to promote exchange with international students and deepen mutual understanding. This year there was 14 entrants from 7 universities, junior colleges and technical colleges within the prefecture and they gave speeches on subjects such as their dreams and interactions with the local people. Many locals came along to the contest and were impressed with the international students' Japanese. Some even commented that "their Japanese was better than Japanese people".

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