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APU graduate employed by SHIKI THEATRE COMPANY gives a message to current students

Dec 4, 2008

APU graduate YOSHIMI Aya (student in APU's 3rd year & Grad. spring'05, Japan) currently employed by the SHIKI THEATRE COMPANY visited APU and gave a message to current APU students as she looked back on her university days."I have loved dancing since I was very young and have learned classical ballet since I was 4 years old. When I was a first year student I set up the A.A. Dance Company student circle with my friends and performed once a year at the Millennium Hall. Actors give us an intangible emotion through their performance on the stage and this is also the source of my energy. I joined the SHIKI THEATRE COMPANY because I wanted more people to feel this.

All of the staff such as the actors, technical and management staff at my workplace work together towards making our plays a success with the unity needed to make a play. We go about our daily work helping each other and building relationships of trust. I am making use of the experiences I gained during my time as a student in my current job such as the ideas and advertising methods we came up with to get the hall full of customers and getting actively involved in events such as the Tourism Summit.

I hope that you make the most of your free time at university. Please take full advantage of the environment full of new challenges here at APU."

Ms. YOSHIMI is at the sales front-line in charge of the marketing department and is active with drafting performance plans, group sales and promotions at Shiki Theatre Group. Currently she is busy everyday in charge of sales for the Jesus Christ Superstar musical to be held in Oita on Thursday December 11 at the iichiko Grand Theatre. Ms. YOSHIMI finished her message with a talk about the up-coming musical.

Link to the Jesus Christ Superstar Oita performance

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