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Job Hunting Support Seminar held by Student Circle

Dec 15, 2008

On Tuesday December 2, 2008, the "Job Hunting Support Seminar -Let's Think about Work" was held, hosted by the student circle APU International Investors. The seminar was planned by APU International Investors and was held to support students in their job hunting and those who are worried about job hunting, and welcomed the following 3 gentlemen as lecturers: Manager of President's Office, Takashi UEHARA of Intelligence, Ltd. -a major player in the human resource service industry and publisher of the career-move magazine "DODA" and the part-time work magazine "an", Kenji ISHII (Supervisor for west Japan recruiting new graduates, Intelligence, Ltd.) and APU graduate Kazuki KAWANAKA (Grad. Spring'08, Recruitment of New Graduates Group, Intelligence, Ltd.).

During the seminar, Mr. UEHARA spoke to the students who will be job hunting about self development and how to boost their motivation for job hunting. Mr. ISHII let the students in on vital information needed when job hunting such as practical techniques and how to make yourself appeal more to the employer during interviews. Kazuki KAWANAKA gave a message of encouragement to current students as they face their own job hunt. The seminar proved to be a meaningful time for the approximately 150 students (including international students) that attended in these days of concern about the effects that the global financial crisis is having on their job hunt.

Looking back on the seminar, ex-circle representative KANO Yusuke (APM3, Japan) who was involved in the planning of this event said, "I have felt through my own job hunt that, compared with city-centers, Oita has few job hunting events and seminars. This is why I planned this seminar. It was our first seminar but through the cooperation of our members I think that we were able to put together a lecture that those who were present would be very satisfied with. I will be very glad if this seminar is a help to APU students in their job hunt."

APU International Investors was established in May 2007 and currently has 57 members including 16 international students. They are involved in investment practice and also are learning about economics and the world's financial policies. Furthermore, they put their efforts into raising people's financial/economic knowledge, and hold lectures in cooperation with industry such as awareness campaigns at high schools.

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