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Third Citizens' College Lecture on the Renaissance of Hot Springs

Dec 25, 2008

On Sunday December 21, 2008, APU held the third Citizens' College lecture at the Beppu Central Community Center. Mr. Hiroshi NAKANO the manager of Omuta & Arao Coal Mine Town Fan Club (located in Fukuoka Prefecture) was invited to give the lecture under the theme of, "Making regional fans through regional legacies -the course of Omuta & Arao Coal Mine Town Fan Club"

In his lecture Mr. NAKANO talked about the details and challenges of building a town that preserves and makes use of the industrial legacy left by the The Mitsui Miike Coal mine site.

In July 2007, APU became a recipient of "Contemporary Education Needs Initiative Support Program (Contemporary GP)" Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology funding in the field of "Contributing to Regional Revitalization (Local Areas)". The lecture is held for local citizens is part of this program and in 2008 lectures themed "Beppu Revitalization" and "Using our everyday lifestyle and culture to promote tourism - an all-women's tourism venture business" have also been held.

One of the important missions of APU is to contribute to the internationalization and revitalization of the regional community. With this in mind, APU will continue to hold various lectures intended for local citizens as a base of "knowledge".

Information on previous lectures:

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