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Finance & Economics Research Student Circle hold a Finance Education Seminar for High School Students


Feb 13, 2009

On Saturday, February 7, 2009, the finance & economics research student circle "APU International Investors" gave an Economics & Finance lecture at the ASHIYA University Affiliated High School in Hyogo Prefecture.The Economics & Finance high school lectures aim to provide Japanese students, who typically have a negative "finance=profit" view of finance, an otherwise seldom opportunity to learn about finance and economics. This is also a way for the circle students to pay back to society the knowledge that they have learnt. This was the 2nd such lecture –a similar Economy & Finance lecture was held in March 2008 at the Nagasaki Prefectural, Nagasaki Minami High School.

Forty-one 3rd year students and 6 ASHIYA University Affiliated High School staff members participated. During the lecture, the 11 circle members easily explained to the participating high school students the cause and effect of the sub-prime loan problem and the domestic and international effect of the high/low value of the yen –both of which were issues last year. Judging by the student's keenness to ask questions, it appeared as though they had an increased interest in politics and economics.

Looking back on the lecture, circle representative HUGHES Jack Koki (APM2, Japan) said, "Through this lecture we could see that the high school students were passionate about politics and economics and it convinced me to get even more enthusiastically involved in circle activities. I hope that we can hold a similar lecture at a high school in Oita Prefecture in the future."

APU International Investors was established in May 2007 and currently has 57 members made up of 16 international and 41 domestic students. The circle is continuing their activities to raise people's awareness of finance and economics through finance and investment education activities and by holding lectures with industry cooperation. They are also involved in real-life investment activities.

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