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Professor FUKUI Hayao Retirement Commemorative Lecture


Mar 23, 2009

On Thursday March 12, 2009, a Retirement Commemorative Lecture was held for Professor FUKUI Hayao of the College of Asia Pacific Studies. Present at the lecture were APU students, graduates of the FUKUI Seminar and faculty staff.

Professor FUKUI delivered a presentation about the hand-made "Thamnop" irrigation facilities which dot the farm land of north-eastern Thailand as a compilation of his lectures at APU. Professor FUKUI has been investigating and researching the "Thamnop" since 1998.

During his lecture Professor FUKUI used photos as he spoke of how he would practice in the grounds of APU using a kite to take photos –the same method he used to get aerial shots of the Thamnop. The lecture proved to be an opportunity for the people who attended to see Professor FUKUI's passion and curiosity for research.

At the conclusion of the lecture, a light meal and reception were held at the Cafeteria made possible through the kindness of Professor FUKUI. Professor FUKUI and everyone who came along enjoyed the congenial atmosphere and friendly chat.

Professor FUKUI, who has been with us since 2000 when APU opened, has helped to build up the foundations of APU. The Professor will continue his work towards the vitalization of APU education and research from April this year as a Professor Emeriti*.

The professor's research on Thamnop has been published by Mekong Publishing Inc. under the title of "The disappearing Thamnop irrigation of Thailand and Cambodia" (Joint author: HOSHIKAWA Keisuke)
The Mekong Publishing Inc. web-site:

*The title of Professor Emeriti is awarded in accordance with the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Professor Emeriti Regulations to those who have made remarkable achievements in education or research or towards APU as a professor at this university.

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