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APU selected to be part of ERIA Next Generation Leadership Program


Mar 24, 2009

The "ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Scholarship Program" is a Japanese government human resource development program and is for students from ASEAN countries. APU was the only regional university of the four universities chosen on the Japan side. The other three were the University of Tokyo, Waseda University and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.The "ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Scholarship Program" is part of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth (JENESYS) Program in which the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) provides scholarships for students who are nationals of the 10 various ASEAN countries.

The scholarship recipients will spend their time at one of the four universities/graduate schools either researching about the East Asian region or on an internship at the ERIA Secretariat on a leave of absence and through this will build up experience as the future leaders of their countries.

The inaugural scholarship recipients are currently being selected will begin the exchange to Japan in September–October 2009 after preliminary training at the ERIA Office in Jakarta.

Since their opening, the APU Graduate Schools have been accepting large numbers of foreign government officials and through education has made its contribution to the improvement of governmental human resource development. APU is endeavoring to nurture human resources who will possess strong leadership in the 21st century.

Details on the "ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Scholarship Program"and selection were announced by MEXT on February 13, 2009:
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