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Follow-up Classes underway for 1st year students


May 27, 2009

The APU Academic Office is currently holding Follow-up Classes for first year students who took the English Skill-Up lectures prior to entry into APU. The Follow-up classes center on things one should know during the course of ones first year of study.

At the Wednesday, May 6 lecture, Center for Language Education Associate Professor SUMIDA Tamaki used a lecture video to coach the class mixed with international students taking Advanced Japanese, how to listen and take notes.

The mixing of international and domestic students in these Follow-up classes was attempted for the first time. By utilizing the multilingual and multicultural characteristics of APU, this was an opportunity to instill the first year domestic students with an understanding and interest towards language and culture at an early stage, boost their motivation towards studying at APU and, for the international students, proved to be an opportunity to learn Japanese by engaging in live conversation through studying together with domestic students.

Coordinator of the Follow-up classes and Education Development and Study Support Center Associate Professor SHIN Kimie said, "The Follow-up lectures aim to provide the first year students with an opportunity to actively face their study with a sense of curiosity. Also, through getting international and domestic students jointly involved regardless of academic year, we also hope to provide an education program which utilizes the APU multicultural environment."

Furthermore, future Follow-up Classes are planning to hold the "Follow-up Café" in which TA (Teaching Assistants) will attempt a range of initiatives in English, and hold lectures welcoming lecturers from off-campus. At the Wednesday, May 27 Follow-up Café, in a change to the normal routine, TA's will be explaining in English how to use PowerPoint. This will be a highly satisfying opportunity to learn how use PowerPoint to create presentation resources and also improve ones English conversation skills.

APU aims to raise first year student's desire to study and awareness of goals, create an independent and active study style, promote the creation of a multicultural learning community etc, and diversify and systematize first year student education.
This "Building a New Model for Freshmen Education" initiative was adopted into the AY2008 High Quality Academic Promotion Program –an open-type MEXT subsidized assistance program.

The Follow-up Classes are held throughout the year for first year students who took the "Pre-entry English Skill-Up Lectures" held in March 2009. Please refer to the Academic Office web-site for more details on future schedules etc.

Please click here for more information on the Follow-up Café (Japanese only)

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