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Sports Festival held on APU Main Athletic Field


May 28, 2009

On Wednesday, May 20, 2009, the 2009 Sports Festival was held on the APU Main Athletic Field by the APU Sports Festival Executive Committee.

Since December last year, the APU Sports Day Executive Committee centering on current 2nd year students, have been preparing this event with the aim of energizing student exchange. On the day, a total of 85 student staff members including April new-entrants carried out the sports day.

Approximately 160 people took part in the 6 events (three legged race, tail grab, obstacle race, tug-of-war, APU relay and mock cavalry battle) which soon developed into a hotly contested battle. During the "Centipede Race" the track was split into 4 sections in the shape of a relay. The lead changed hands many times in what was closely fought battle. Furthermore, prior to the start of the "4 people, 5 legs" race, each team practiced right up to the starting gun and showed just how to run in tune with each other as the real race began.

There was a range of unique events and APU circle performances at the stage program such as a speed-eating and cross-dressing contest. Some programs invited members of the audience to take part which soon got the crowd going.

In previous years the event has been cancelled or the program changed due to inclement weather, however this time, the 8th year of the event, went ahead and was blessed with fine weather. At the conclusion of the festival, the 7:30 onward "Night Festival" was held for the first time and the participants were able to deepen their friendships. The Sports Festival finished without a hitch as everyone gave a group rendition of "We are the world".

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): KOIKE Yuki (APS2, Japan)

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