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APU Adopted into MEXT "University Education/Student Support Promotion Program for the Advancement of Higher Education"


Sep 11, 2009

APU made an application to the "University Education/Student Support Promotion Program (Theme A) for the Advancement of Higher Education (Improving University Education Quality Assurance Initiatives)" under the theme of "The Formation of Faculty Enrichment Programs – The Creation of a `Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy' for Student Development".
This higher education promotion program selects from university faculty educational ability ensurement and improvement initiatives, those initiatives with goals that are both clear and which promise to deliver clear results. The program aims to provide the public with information on such programs and contribute to the strengthening of Japan's higher education quality assurance through providing priority financial support.

650 applications were made by 442 universities, colleges and higher education providers of which 96 programs from 95 institutes were selected including the program submitted by APU.

The following is an outline of "The Formation of Faculty Enrichment Programs – The Creation of a `Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy' for Student Development"

Development of "The Formation of Faculty Enrichment Programs –The Creation of a `Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy' for Student Development"

To strengthen academic and pastoral support for diverse students, and educational quality assurance of universities keeping up with globalization, there needs to be a strengthening of Faculty Development (FD) and Staff Development (SD). Furthermore, Faculty staff need to have a deep understanding of the University's Mission and work together in synergy towards our common goal of "developing our students" and provide outstanding educational and study support.

This programs aims to organically combine FD, SD and faculty assessment to "develop a `Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy Model' for student development" and through this, develop a high standard of faculty ability.

In plain terms, while continuing to respect the independence and autonomy of the faculty, it will aim to further enrich the faculty's existing qualities and form a "Faculty Enrichment Program". This will center on the four areas of: a faculty cooperative synergy program, faculty enrichment programs (FEP), staff enrichment programs (SEP), and faculty assessment.

1. The Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy Program. This aims to provide a place for faculty members and staff to discus and share issues as they work toward a common goal through programs such as, the 1) Mission Sharing Programs, 2) Advising Skills Programs and 3) FD Seminar Participation Support Programs.

2. Faculty Enrichment Programs (FEP) will institute 1) Faculty Initiative Programs (A FD support program in which faculty members can submit proposals to fit the needs of the faculty) 2) Division Initiative Programs (FD programs which colleges and educational institutes initiate based on their issues and needs) 3) Global Staff Development Program (Overseas FD dispatch programs).

3. Staff Enrichment Programs (SEP) will initiate 1) Problem-Solving PBT Programs (Organize topic specific project teams and practically develop problem solving and initiative skills), 2) PDCA Management Skills Development Program (The importance and adaptation of PDCA in the workplace), and 3) Global staff development programs (joint training with overseas offices etc).

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