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APU praised for its Multicultural Environment and Career Support Systems in the "8th Japan High-Service Top 300" Selection


Feb 9, 2010

APU's multicultural environment, its human resource development programs utilizing this environment, and its career support systems for international students have been highly praised and selected by the "8th Japan High-Service Top 300".

Present at the Ceremony, TAKANO Kenji, APU Dean, Careers (right hand side)

Run by the "Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth", a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry affiliated organisation, the "Japan High-Service Top 300" publicizes examples of advanced business and organizational initiatives and aims to boost innovation and productivity throughout the service industry.

Begun in 2008, this initiative, held every quarter, aims to make 300 selections over three years in its six areas of appraisal: "scientific/engineering approach", "improvements to service processes", "value-added service", "human resource development", "international development" and "regional contributions".

APU received a high appraisal for its "construction of a student-business matching system in addition to human resource development on a multicultural-campus" and was awarded in the "international development" category.

Other university features were all also highly appraised such as the attraction of top-class students from overseas from the time the university opened, the English-Japanese bilingual educational system, the distinctive curriculum, and APHouse – a student dormitory with students living together from countries and regions around the world. APU also received praise for holding over 400 career support business information sessions on-campus*, its initiatives to match-up international students with Japanese businesses, the development of globally-minded graduates, the acceptance of students from a total of 119 countries and regions, and a 96% job-placement rate.

Twenty-seven business and organisations were acknowledged in this latest selection and with this award, APU, together with Kanazawa Institute of Technology, became the first universities to be selected. Furthermore, APU, the only organisation to make the selection from Kyushu, was selected with Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co. in the "international development" section.

*As part of career support, every year over 300 companies and organisations come to APU and hold on-campus recruiting to guide students through the employment process including information sessions and employment exams.

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