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MUSY TONE participates in Peace Concert


Feb 5, 2010

On Sunday, December 13, 2010, nine members of APU chorus circle MUSY TONE took part in the "Singing Voice Tea Party 9" concert and filled the venue with their serene singing voices. Hosted by the Usuki Chapter of the Article 9 Association*, The "Singing Voice Tea Party 9" was held as a prayer for world peace and the renunciation of war.
Following their performance last year, nine MUSY TONE members from China, Japan, Norway, Finland, Vietnam and Myanmar participated in the noon and evening performances. The children's noon-concert featured "If you happy and you know it, clap your hands" performed in five different languages, Christmas songs, and a tone-chime performance of "Silent Night". Meanwhile the adult's evening-concert featured a joint performance of children's nursery rhymes and songs by MUSY TONE and Usuki band "Ostooandell" in which the crowd sang along to in a message of peace.

One of the participating students, SASAKI Azumi (APS3, Japan), commented on the performance, "I am very happy to have been able to spend such a heart-warming time with so may Usuki residents again this year. Through this performance I felt the beauty and appeal of songs which we can sing and enjoy together, regardless of age or nationality in the hope of world peace. I am very thankful to the members of the Article 9 Association Usuki Chapter and local Usuki residents for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. I hope that these events provide an opportunity for us to think about local and global issues". An Article 9 Association Usuki Chapter member commented further, "I was impressed with the wonderful singing voices of MUSY TONE and the peaceful scene of so many different nationalities singing together `Furusato' in such wonderful Japanese. I'm really looking forward to next year's performance".

Established in 2006, MUSY TONE currently has 28 members consisting of 22 international and 6 domestic students working hard to spread their harmonies throughout not only the campus, but also the region and throughout the world. MUSY TONE will continue to maintain links with the local community in is future endeavors.

*The Article 9 Association, Usuki Chapter
The Article 9 Association was established in 2004 by nine inaugural members including INOUE Hisashi and OE Kenzaburo and aims to spread the message of the Japanese Constitution which clearly expresses the "Renunciation of War" throughout the world. The Usuki Chapter was established by like-minded people in cooperation with the Article 9 Association.

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