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Preview Screening of "Living with Tears" Documentary


Feb 12, 2010

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, a preview screening was held at the APU Millennium Hall of the documentary "Living with Tears" now screening throughout Japan.
"Living with Tears"* is a documentary which follows 10 years in the life of a Chinese family and was first broadcast on the internet throughout Japan in 2006. The documentary was well received and struck a chord with the viewing public. The theatre screening of the documentary was made possible through the efforts of Tokyo college student NAKAMURA Toshiki who was impressed by the film and determined to "make this film seen by as many people as possible and not let this story fade away". This documentary has been screening in Tokyo since it began in November last year. The film will begin screening in Oita Prefecture at Park Place from February 20. The APU preview screening gave people a sneak preview before it went on show in theatres.

This preview screening at APU was first conceived by TANAKA Kaori (APS2, Japan) who saw the film back in 2006. Ms. TANAKA found out about the efforts of Mr. NAKAMURA from a magazine article and set about planning this event.

Looking back on the preview screening, Ms. TANAKA said, "We have students here from 97 countries and regions living in this multicultural environment and I feel that it is because we are APU students that we can watch this film with an open mind and consider it from a number of angles. I hope that this preview screening gets people thinking. I am very thankful to Mr. TANAKA, our student staff and everyone involved for their cooperation in making this preview screening a reality."

Audience member BUI Thi Thu Sang (APM3, Vietnam) spoke of her impressions of the film, "I decided to come and see the film after reading the pamphlet. I too live away from my parents so there were many points I could sympathize with as an international student. Seeing this film has made me more determined to continue working hard and make my dream a reality."

About "Living with Tears"
This documentary follows the story of a Chinese man and his 10 year struggle as an illegal immigrant on Japan. After originally coming to Japan an exchange student, he continued to remain in Japan as an illegal immigrant to pay for his daughter's school fees in his native country, China. Please be sure to check it out at Park Place.

The "Living with Tears" official homepage:

The T-Joy, Park-Place, Oita homepage:

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): ISSHIKI Kosuke(APS3,Japan)

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