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Interviews with APU new entrants


Apr 16, 2010

On Friday, April 2, 2010, we interviewed a number of promising new APU students and asked them about their goals and aspirations for their time here. Here are their messages.

MACIAS Jonathan Fernando
(College of International Management, USA)

I was attracted to APU international atmosphere and the friendly local community. During my time here, I hope to master the Japanese language, learn more about international business and also improve my cross-cultural communication skills. I also hope to see as much of Japan as possible and learn the local culture.


(College of Asia Pacific Studies, Japan)

I took part in the Open Campus held last spring and fell in love with the APU international environment. While at APU I hope to improve my language and communication skills and deepen my understanding of different cultures through interaction with the international students.


BU Ren
(College of International Management, China)

I have studied in Japan at Japanese language and vocational schools for three years and decided to come to APU to study international business. My goal is to work on the stage of international trade. I intend to study language, especially English, take part in an overseas exchange, and strive to make my dream a reality.


OKUDA Satoshi
(College of International Management, Japan)

I have always had an interest in overseas countries from travelling abroad and watching foreign films, and I chose to come to APU because it offered me the opportunity for international interaction and exchange. While I am here at APU I hope to interact with the international students, deepen my understanding of different countries and regions through cross-cultural interaction, and work towards my goal of working for an overseas company.


(College of Asia Pacific Studies, Thailand)

I decided to enroll at APU after hearing about it from a friend of mine who studied here. I really want to learn about the Japanese language and culture and also about the hospitality and tourism industries. APU allows me to do both in a multicultural environment while also making many new friends from all over the world.


MOON Ji Hyun
(College of Asia Pacific Studies, Korea)

I heard about the colourful and international learning environment of this university from an APU student and decided to come here as the first step towards realizing my dream of becoming an international lawyer. During my time here I aim to study hard in both my language and specialist subject classes and work towards achieving my dream.


OKI Kaoru
(College of Asia Pacific Studies, Japan)

My family has hosted exchange students in the past so I have had some experience of cross-cultural exchange growing up as a child. When I heard about APU from a friend of mine, I felt sure that this was the university I was searching for. During my time in APU I hope to study language, meet lots of international students and continue the search for my dream.


(College of International Management, Sweden)

I had been studying at a Japanese school for the last 15 months and was looking for a university where I could deepen my understanding of Japanese management. I had visited APU before and loved the international environment and the fact that we can study here in both English and Japanese. I hope to make lots of new friends from around the world and realize my dream of working in a Japanese company.


MMOLAI Tshepiso
(exchange student, Botswana)

The Japanese culture and nation is so exotic to me and I really look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts with both the international and Japanese students. Japan is renowned in my country as a leader in business and computer science. I hope to make use of the knowledge I will gain at APU to contribute to the development of Botswana.


KHALSA Hari Simran Singh
(exchange student, USA)

I studied in a boarding school in India for many years and found the international environment of APU to be very similar but on a much larger scale. I have wanted to come to Japan for a long time and APU seemed perfect for me. I look forward to learning more about the environmental and social sciences, mastering the Japanese language and absorbing myself in the Japanese culture.


KARHU Anniina Sanna-Mari
(exchange student, Finland)

I have always wanted to come to Japan and learn the Japanese language and culture. Staying in AP House will enable me to do both. During my time at APU I hope to learn more about Asian business and markets, and also learn some of the unique Japanese traditions such as the tea ceremony.

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