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Helping children in warzones – student circle "APU Friedensdorf International" donation appeal


May 25, 2010

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, seven members of the APU volunteer circle "APU Friedensdorf International" carried out a donation appeal at JR Beppu Station to raise funds for children caught up in conflict zones around the world.

The student circle "APU Friedensdorf International" was established in autumn, 2009 and supports the efforts of Friedensdorf International* (Eng: Peace Village International) –a volunteer organisation based in Germany. With 10 current members, the circle has held a number of study groups and participates in range of on-campus events. This was their first such donation appeal and raised over 11,000yen (over US $1,200). The funds raised will be handed directly to their parent organisation in Germany when a number of circle members visit Peace Village International in September, 2010. These funds will then be put towards the purchase of medical supplies and for children receiving support at Peace Village.

APU Friedensdorf International representative, YOKOMINE Shino (APS3, Japan) commented, "Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to our donation appeal. I hope that these efforts will contribute to Peace Village International and also that it leads to a greater awareness of peace".

APU Friedensdorf International plan to hold photo exhibitions and report meetings to inform people of the state of children caught up in conflict spots around the world and efforts to support them. More donation appeals are scheduled. The next appeal will take place on Sunday, June 20 in front of JR Beppu Station so please be sure to lend your support.

* Peace Village International (Germany),
Peace Village International was established on July 6, 1967 by German citizens to support children caught up in conflict areas throughout the world. This non-profit charity aims to assist children wounded or affected by war and conflict by providing medical treatment in Europe – treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them in their home country.

Please click here for the Peace Village International homepage.

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