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APU Student won for a Chinese Contest for all west Japan University Student.

Jul 16, 2004

Fumihiro YAMAZAKI (APS4) won for a Chinese contest for all west Japan University, which was held on June 26th (Sat). On July 16th(Fri), He visited Kimio Yakushiji (Vice President) and Katsuhiro Ohashi (Director, Center for Modern Language Education) to report his victory.
This year will be the 5th contest for this Chinese contest, most of the University students who are related to Chinese study in all west Japan are gathered for this contest. For this year, 75 students from 22 Universities joined a preliminary.
APU applied for the first time this year by Ms. Ruilin Cao. 4 students including Mr. Yamazaki entered this contest.
And we accomplished such a splendid achievement to have a champion for the very first participation.
All of the 4 students who entered this contest, belong to a circle "TENKA" which you can learn Chinese and Chinese culture. An ambassador and Chinese students from the circle taught pronunciation and intonation well for this contest.
This victory is a blessing of positive activity and effort, which made use of APU's character made by international student's structure.

Other students, who entered the contest and members from "TENKA" which supported this contest, also attended the report for this victory. Mr. Yamazaki commented, " I could not win without circle's support. This is not an individual result but also a victory of team work."

Mr. Yakushiji (Vice President) greeted "It is such a splendid achievement to win for the first time, this accomplishment is from APU's good environment. Now, everyone will try to get to you but please improve your technique more and work hard by competing with each other."

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