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APU Professor Emeritus Title Conferral Ceremony

Apr 13, 2012

On Wednesday, April 4, the 2012 Professor Emeritus Title Conferral Ceremony was held at the B-con Plaza Conference Room in Beppu City ahead of the Spring Entrance Ceremony. Professors IGUSA Kunio, TAKAMOTO Akihiro, and Professor NAKATA Yukihiko of the College of International Management, and Professors Jeremy S. EADES and Malcolm J. M. COOPER of the College of Asia Pacific Studies were awarded the title Professor Emeritus by APU President KORENAGA Shun. 

Professor Emeritus IGUSA took up the post of Professor at the College of Asia Pacific Management (renamed as the College of International Management) in April, 2001. Ever since, he has played a central role in research into regional economic developments in South Asia. He held the position of Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Management from April 2003 to March 2006 and took a leading role in the field of Asia Pacific Studies at APU, laying the foundations for the International Association for Asia Pacific Studies (IAAPS).

As director of the international student recruitment department at the APU university establishment office, Professor Emeritus TAKAMOTO was heavily involved in the recruitment of international students, especially from Thailand. Thanks to his initial efforts, more than 200 Thai students currently study at APU. In addition, he served as an Associate Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Management for three years from 2006 and made an enormous contribution to administrational matters at the Graduate School including his efforts towards the acquirement of AACSB International accreditation.

Professor Emeritus EADES came to APU in 2000 when the university first opened its doors. He served as the Director of Media Resource Center for three years from April, 2000 and contributed to the improvement of the APU library. He also served as Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Studies and the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies from April, 2009 to March, 2012. He took a major role in the foundation of IAAPS and has been dedicated to the improvement of research quality at APU since he joined the university.

Professor Emeritus COOPER came to APU as a Professor of College of Asia Pacific Studies in April, 2003. He played an enormous role in tourism research at APU and served as Vice-President in charge of research from April 2005 to March 2010 and also as Director of the Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS). He also served as Pro-Vice President from April 2010 to March 2012. During his time at APU he has made an enormous contribution to research activities at APU.

Professor Emeritus NAKATA served as a Professor at the College of Asia Pacific Management (renamed as College of International Management) from April, 2004. He also served as the founding Director of the Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC) and contributed to the raising of research standards at APU. He also played a central role in the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between AP-IMAC and the Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center.

The title of Professor Emeritus is conferred in accordance with the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Professor Emeritus regulations to those who have achieved outstanding education and/or research results for the university. APU has conferred this title on 14 people, including this year’s awardees; Professor Emeriti IGUSA, TAKAMOTO, EADES, COOPER and NAKATA. 

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