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New Challenges for Student Mobility 2006

Mar 22, 2006

"New Challenges for Student Mobility 2006 - In Search of a New International Education Paradigm"

From March 12 (Sun) - March 13 (Mon), 2006, APU hosted the international conference for "New Challenges for Student Mobility 2006 - In Search of a New International Education Paradigm."Sixty participants including specialists and professors connected to the international exchange field and teachers and students interested in education took part in the international conference, as well as 25 people associated with APU.

The conference focused on what should be done to promote student mobility, develop effective international exchange programs, and incorporate these programs into a four year university experience. A panel discussion and specialist-led keynote address, seeking to identify the new challenges for student mobility in the search for a new international education paradigm, were carried out on the first day of the conference.

The second-day commenced with a series of workshops, among the dialogue partners, who worked towards the design and creation of exemplars, which can hopefully be executed in the near future. Afterwards, representatives from the APU circle PRENGO and Ai no Nami (an APU circle which aims to assist nations affected by the Indian Ocean disaster) gave a report on their latest activities. After the reports, some of the delegates who empathized with the circle's goals kindly made donations to the student groups. Talks were then held on educational possibilities in the future between the participating universities, institutions and APU. How to continue to assist APU with its student mobility was also discussed.

MS. Marlene Johnson, Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA, commented that she had been inspired by the range of intellectual energy and expertise shown throughout the conference, noticing that the potential and the vision for enhancing undergraduate education as being very exciting. "I hope that we all embrace this as something which should be expected of all undergraduate students; a standard rather than the exception." President Cassim asked the conference participants, the committed group of practitioners, to share with APU their goals and visions they aspire to.

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