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APU-Club Domestic Students' Parents Association 2006 Annual General Meeting

May 18, 2006

The APU-Club Domestic Students' Parents Association held its annual general meeting at APU on May 13, 2006. 144 participants including 111 parents attended the meeting from all regions of Japan.

The meeting commenced with greetings from Mr. KUDO Takashi, the President of the Association and the announcement of 6 people to executive positions, including 2 new people. Afterwards, APU President Monte Cassim, Honorary Advisor to the Parents' Association, addressed the parents and gave a current update on APU. Advisor to APU President, KOHGA Mitsuhide (Advisor to the Association) then gave an explanation on the "The Ritsumeikan Charter" and "The Ritsumeikan Mid-Term Plan." A report on last year's activities and undertakings planned for this year, as well as an audit report was given by the Secretariat Office of the Association.

After the speeches, recipients of last year's APU-Club Domestic Students' Parents Association Scholarships gave a few words of thanks. The students included Mary Wangari and USAMI Yuko from the APU Women's Athletic Team and SUZUKI Toshie prize winner in several Nationwide Shamisen Contests. OKUMURA Kohta, Vice President of the student circle "Base Events" which organized the "2006 PicaPica Welcome Festival", also held on the day of the annual general meeting, said a word of thanks for the support received from the Parents' Association.

Afterwards, parents listened attentively and took notes on guidance relating to job-hunting, student-life and studies at APU. Many parents also participated in the events held later in the Cafeteria, with parents introduced according to the regions they were from in Japan.

We would like to sincerely thank the parents for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the annual general meeting.

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