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More all round with Wireless APUNet

Dec 13, 2004

This month, the media center will begin provision of a new extended wireless internet service. Wireless access points will become available in key areas of the campus, enabling full access to APUNet and the Internet.

Shigeo Kitamura, Manager of the Media Resource Center says the move is designed to provide anytime, anywhere network services to all members of the APU campus community. Mr. Kitamura said the access points will allow students, faculty and staff to gain access to the Internet and the campus network via their laptops. The first locations will be operational in mid-December.

The new wireless locations will include:

  • Building B - Doctoral Students Common Room
  • Building B - Masters Students Common Room
  • Building B - Research Meeting Rooms 1-6 and Lounge
  • Building D - Library first floor
  • Building E - Student Union first floor lounge
  • Building E - Student Union - Council Office
  • Building F - Atrium, F104, F209, Language Lounge, Study Prep. Room
  • Building F - Language Lounge
  • Building H - H202
  • AP House 1 - Lobby Lounge Area, Conference Room 2
  • AP House 2 - Lobby Loung Area, Meeting Rooms 1 and 2

Mr. Kitamura explained that wider coverage of the campus is not being undertaken at this time, as he anticipates availability of faster, more secure wireless services in the future. However, in addition to the fixed wireless access points around campus, faculty and staff who require wireless network services in other areas can use portable wireless base-stations. If this proves to be a popular option, wireless access in classrooms may not be far away.

The wireless architecture uses Cisco Aironet products. These were chosen because of their robust technology and the ability to provide an improved level of authentication and security.

Each wireless location on campus will be served by at least one access point that will provide shared access to the Internet and APUNet. Anyone who wishes to make use of the service will require a wireless enabled laptop, with an 802.11b compatible wireless card (available at the Coop) and an APUNet account.

The media resource center have announced connection details and have provided access to online guides to help users get up and running on the media web site.

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