Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



The 9th Top Executive Lecture

Oct 6, 2006

On Wednesday, October 4th 2006, APU held its 9th Top Executive Lecture on the theme of "Overcoming the Challenges of a New Era." On this occasion, APU welcomed Mr Yotaro Kobayashi, Chief Corporate Advisor at Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. as guest speaker.Mr Kobayashi spoke of the 20th century as a century of change which saw the adoption of American values, the westernization of Japan and its consequent "de-Asianization"; however, he suggested that we are moving into a new era where Asian countries such as China and India will assume leading roles. Mr Kobayashi shared his thoughts about future directions for Japan in the face of such a new era. He stressed the indispensability of Asia to Japan's future and stated that in order to play a meaningful role in Asia, it is not just cleverness but sincere relations based on mutual respect with neighboring countries that will be essential. One of the key notions referred to by Mr Kobayashi was that of "re-Asianization".

APU is a prime environment in terms of equipping individuals to face the challenges of the new era, according to Mr Kobayashi. To the excess of 700 students in attendance at the lecture, Mr Kobayashi offered some valuable advice, encouraging students to learn from each others diverse experiences of culture and democracy and to take into account the big picture into account when formulating conclusions.

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