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APU traffic safety volunteers (Safety Volunteers -SAVERS-)

Dec 16, 2004

The APU road safety volunteer circle (Safety Volunteers -SAVERS-) was established to raise an awareness of traffic safety amongst APU students. On Wednesday 15 December, the members of -SAVERS- welcomed distinguished guests, Mayor of Beppu City HAMADA Hiroshi and Chief of Beppu Police TAKEDA Kazuki at the APU Convention Hall. At the ceremony, representative of SAVERS, YOSHIDA Seitaka (APM, Year 2) gave the opening address with the other three members of the circle by stating that: "We intend to hold seminars for international students to help them get their driver's licence, participate in local traffic safety campaigns, and be active on-campus to increase traffic safety awareness."

After the ceremony, the members of the circle joined the Zero Accidents for the End of Year campaign and handed out flyers at Sekinoe along Route 10.

SAVERS are currently seeking new members. If you would like to join in on their activities, please contact them at savers@hotmail.com.

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