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Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus Opens

Apr 3, 2007

On Monday, March 26th an Opening Ceremony for the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus was held inside the Sapia Tower next to Tokyo Station.

The Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus was established on the 8th floor of Sapia Tower as a new outpost to promote Ritsumeikan. From April, professional lectures geared towards working individuals will be held on "Finance, Law and Taxation" and a lecture series on Kyoto culture.

In a short address, Ritsumeikan Chancellor KAWAGUCHI Kiyofumi said to the approximately 200 students gathered, "Ritsumeikan was born out of Kyoto City and has developed into an academy that boasts campuses all over Japan from Hokkaido to Oita. The academy has always had an international frame of mind and aims to foster the most advanced education and research nationwide."

Afterwards, an explanation in relation to the undertakings of the campus was given. The following guests also gave brief lecture outlines and expressed their thoughts on the type of human resources they hope to nurture.
-Mr. OGAKI Hisashi, Director, Center for Finance, Law and Taxation
-Prof. MIKI Yoshikazu, Open Lecture Series on Law and Taxation, Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus
-Mr. SEKINE Minoru, Lawyer, Open Lecture Series on Law and Taxation, Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus
-Mr. KIMURA Kazuaki, Ritsumeikan University Lecture Series on Kyoto Culture
-Prof. ZHOU Wei Sheng, Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan University

A celebration to commemorate the opening of the campus was held at a separate venue. A wide range of participants including educators, officials relating to the culture and traditions of Kyoto, and Ritsumeikan graduates (alumni) participated in the gathering.

The first class of the Tokyo Campus will be on "Finance and Law" on April 3rd.

Please click here for the homepage of Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus.

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