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Inauguration of New RAs for the 2008 Spring Semester

Mar 24, 2008

On Friday 21st March 2008, the new spring semester Resident Assistants (RA) were inaugurated at AP House.

Resident assistants, or RAs, are Japanese and international students who reside at AP House with the aim of supporting the dormitory students in their daily lives in collaboration with the university.

The role of the RA is to provide assistance to international students, who have come to Japan for the first time, to help them adapt to the Japanese lifestyle, assist them in getting used to dormitory life, and to encourage interaction between the boarding students. For example, planning exchange events such as sports competitions and dinner parties, or holding meetings to explain Beppu city's garbage disposal methods.As the new RA Leader, Mr. RAUNGMETHANOPARAT Kriangkrai (APS, Thailand), talks below about his enthusiasm for his new position.

"As the RA Leader, I want to offer support to foreign students who are coming to Japan for the first time. There are many new students who want to make Japanese friends, but they can't because they can't speak Japanese, so I want to plan exchange events for this reason in particular.

As for the weekly RA meeting, I think that it is only natural that misunderstandings arise from cultural differences and differences of opinion between RAs from all over the world. However once these differences have been acknowledged, it is important for everyone to engage in mutual understanding and cooperation.

Up until now, the meeting agenda was always in Japanese, but at AP House there are so many foreign students that I think it is necessary for Japanese students to use English too. I would like to have a balance of both languages and I plan to write up the agenda accordingly from now on. It is with a sense of responsibility and consideration that I intend to do my best for AP House and its residents."

The 63 RAs, who passed the document screening process and the interview set by the university, will offer support and assistance to approximately 1200 boarding students. Beginning on Saturday 15th March, they completed a 5-day RA training camp, and will work at AP House until the end of the 2008 spring semester.

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