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First AP House Seminar of the Spring Semester

Apr 30, 2008

At AP House on Thursday 24th April, the first "AP House Seminar" of the spring semester took place. This seminar welcomed both APS Professor HATADA and his seminar students as lecturers to give a presentation on the theme of the "Holiday House Project". The "Holiday House Project", as one of the exrtacurricular activities registered organisations of the "Long Stay Beppu Program" (LSB),is a project to research the promotion around the country (starting from Beppu) of the European or American style vacation. With the cooperation of local residents, activities to date include the conversion of Beppu's old vacant farmhouses into holiday homes (Long-term Accommodation).

On the day of the seminar, approximately 40 students gathered to listen to Professor HATADA explain the sequence of events that led to the commencement of the "Holiday House Project". He then gave an account of the decision, in October last year, to restore a 90-year-old private house, and he continued by reporting on the status of this activity to date. Afterwards, one of his seminar students, Mr. SANO Satoru (APS3, Japan), told the story of his own experience in helping with the restoration of this house.

The "AP House Seminar", which began last spring, aims to encourage the student residents to think and act for themselves through an exchange activity between teachers and students held at AP House. Future seminars will be based on a variety of diverse topics and it is hoped that many non-resident APU students will also participate.

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