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APU Graduate Employed by the United Nations (UN) gave the message to the current APU students.

May 14, 2008

Mr. FLORES, Morse (Spring 2006, Philippines), one of APU's many graduates active around the world, recently visited APU for the first time since graduation. Mr. Flores is currently employed by the United Nations (International Labour Organization, Geneva) and is committed to human rights and social justice. As a graduate of APU, Mr. Flores looked back on his university life and sent the following message to all APU students.Students from a wide range of countries and regions come together at APU, providing a great opportunity to learn about the rest of the world. This university is a textbook in its own right. With a passion for learning combined with a forward looking attitude, and a burning desire to serve and give back to the community, I accepted a job offer with the UN upon graduation from APU in 2006. My job entails dealing with issues in which I have a personal interest, including international law and human rights, peace and conflict resolutions, sustainable development, international organizations and international cooperation.

It has only been 2 years since I left APU, but the longing to return to my alma mater was so strong that when the opportunity arose for me to come to Japan for a conference, the first thing I did was visit APU. I just wish I'd had more time to see all my former professors, my mentors and university staff, so I could thank them properly for all that they taught me. Fortunately I had the chance to sit and talk with some of the current students and helped them realize how lucky they are to be here, on top of this mountain, where they can draw much inspiration, develop skills and perspectives, and build a wide network of contacts.

I am more than happy to offer information and provide advice to those who are keen to find out about prospects and career options in the fields of human rights, humanitarian aide, development or international cooperation with the United Nations or other international organizations.

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