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Indonesian Week Begins!

Jun 30, 2008

Indonesian Week began on Monday, June 30th as the third round of APU's Multicultural Weeks 2008. During the week, Indonesian students hold an exhibition of traditional Indonesian crafts, clothing, toy and musical instrument and offer free Indonesian drinks and snacks. A variety of Indonesian fare also is available at the APU Cafeteria.

2008 is Japan-Indonesia Friendship Year, marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. A commemorative ceremony and official events have been scheduled to further strengthen the friendly, cooperative relationship between the two countries. 166 students whose mother tongue is Indonesian are currently pursuing their studies at APU, and they are planning to enliven the mood of the bilateral friendship. On July 3rd and 5th, a joint group of Indonesian and Japanese students, approximately 100 members will hold a Grand Performance on campus. They started practicing the musical 2 month ago. This performance is a musical billed as a fusion of both countries' dance, music and fashion. The performance on 5th is open to the public. All are welcome to attend!

Indonesia Week Schedule: June 30th – July 5th

June 30th (Mon) - July 3rd (Fri)
Event: Exhibition of traditional crafts and free Indonesian drinks and snacks
Time: 10:35-15:50
Venue: APU Cafeteria

July 3rd (Thu)
Event: Grand Performance
Time: 18:25 – 20:30
Venue: APU Millennium Hall

July 5th (Sat)
Event: Grand Performance
Time: 15:30 – 18:00
Venue: APU Millennium Hall

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