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APU introduced on the Japanese Cabinet Office online-magazine used to send information about Japan to the world.

Aug 4, 2008

APU was introduced in the July edition ( Images Version ) of the Japanese Cabinet Offices monthly online-magazine "Highlighting Japan" which is used to send information about Japan to the world. The same magazine introduces such aspects of Japan as the Japanese politics, the economy, foreign policy, science and technology and culture using themes such as the "G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit" and "Yokoso! Japan" (which is a campaign to promote foreign tourism in Japan)
The theme of the July edition, in which APU was introduced, was "Studying in Japan". As well as promoting Prime Minister Fukuda's plan to increase the amount of overseas students to 300,000, APU was introduced as an international university proud of its high employment rate. The fact that APU has accepted students from 81 countries and regions, and is raising human recourses which can be active in an international society via Japanese-English bilingual education was also introduced. Furthermore, the work of an APU graduate who now works for a Japanese company in Tokyo was also introduced.

You can follow the link below to browse the online-magazine "Highlighting Japan".
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