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Opening Ceremonies for The GBLP and "Kyushu-Asia International Students with Practical Skills Development Project" programs held

Oct 1, 2008

On Monday September 29, the Opening Ceremonies for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) administrated "Global Business Leaders Development Program", part of the "Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia", and for the "Kyushu-Asia International Students with Practical Skills Development Project" were held.

The "Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia" is a METI and MEXT administered program which aims to promote mutual understanding and economic cooperation in Asia and is the first exchange student support program in Japan which focuses on the process towards employment.

APU has received, as a Managing organization, the adoption of the "Global Business Leaders Development Program" to nurture the global leaders who will carry the expansion of international business and has been developing and administering the program. This, the 3rd program, accepted 18 new members.

The "Kyushu-Asia International Students with Practical Skills Development Project" is an educational program managed by the Aso Juku Academy. It is aimed at international students in the Kyushu region and focuses on business Japanese skills and company internships with a view towards employment in Japanese business. This time 10 students from APU participated.

During the Ceremony President CASSIM said "There are two things I want you all to remember as you study. 1st: Japanese companies are still not very international so you will need a high level of Japanese competency. Therefore, please study Japanese hard. 2nd: You may feel unsure as you enter a Japanese company as a new staff member. Please try to understand the reasons behind the unique Japanese business culture".

THOMAS Alwin (APM3, India) said during his self introduction "I am very happy to be able to participate in this program. Ever since I was a high school student in Japan I have wanted to work to become a bridge between India, Asia and Japan. Thanks to this program I am able to fulfill my dream". The ceremony served as a great entrance for the new-comers who will be the business leaders that will carry the future of international business.

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