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APU Tennis Club men's and women's teams both win prizes at the "Southern Kyushu Tennis Championship Finals"

Nov 18, 2008

Members of the APU Tennis Club entered the "Southern Kyushu Tennis Championship Finals" held at the Miyazaki Prefecture Sports Park between Saturday October 25 and Monday 27, 2008, and a men's and women's teams both came 3rd to post some great results.

The "Southern Kyushu Tennis Championship Finals" is a team competition in which tennis teams come together to compete from around the southern Kyushu area (Oita, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki and Miyazaki). This year 76 tennis club teams from 24 universities entered and the APU Tennis Club sent 2 men's and 2 woman's teams.

The men's team #2 faced the championship favorites but managed to defeat them in a tough battle to progress into the top 4. The women's team #1, made up entirely of 1st year students, also kept up a strong advance to progress into the top 4. Although a newly formed team, the 1st year students proved more than a match for the other university teams and showed great form. This was the first time that either team had secured such a great result as 3rd place - a result which will be sure to leave the other university teams with a strong impression of APU tennis.

Representative YONEHARA Takahiro (APS2 Japan) spoke of this result and of his aspirations for the future "both the seniors and juniors trained well together in a great atmosphere. We are not content with this result and I want to encourage the team to train hard and actively participate in their matches and aim for an even better result in the future."

The APU Tennis Club, now in its 7th year, is steadily improving its results. We hope for even greater growth in the future.

Results of the "Southern Kyushu Tennis Championship Finals":

Men's Team #1: Eliminated in Round 1
Men's Team #2: 3rd Place (Top 4)
MATSUSHITA Takeshi (APS4 Japan), HATANAKA Shunsuke (APM4 Japan), YAMAGISHI Shouhei (APS 4, Japan), FUKUDOME Yuuya (APM4 Japan) UMEDA Yuuki (APS4 Japan), NISHIMURA Hiroyuki (APS4 Japan), KAWASAKI Hiroyuki (APM4 Japan), OKA Kazuchika (APS3 Japan)

Women's Team #1: 3rd Place (Top 4)
TSUDA Saori (APM1 Japan), TSUBOI Misato (APS1 Japan), NAKAYAMA Hitomi (APS1 Japan), HIGASHI Hiroko (APS1 Japan), SHIGEMATSU Aki (APS1 Japan)
Women's Team #2: Eliminated in Round 1

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