International & Community Service

Mission Statement for Community Outreach and Regional Partnerships

Universities are expected to provide the outcomes of their research to society, that is, to cooperate with and contribute to society and the local community. The APU2030 Vision states that APU will “strengthen ties with its invaluable stakeholders, from the local community to alumni around the world, working together to design the University and its educational programs” in order to cultivate “APU graduates who possess the power the change the world.” Based on these concepts and aiming to achieve APU’s basic ideals of “Freedom, Peace, and Humanity”, “International Mutual Understanding”, and “Future Shape of the Asia Pacific,” we hereby stipulate the following mission statement for social outreach and regional partnerships, and we will pursue initiatives that will promote the mutual growth of the university and society through the interactions of the two. ​

Mission Statement for Community Outreach and Regional Partnerships

“APU will create Global Learning Communities by feeding the outcomes of its education and research back into society and the community in collaboration with those people involved with APU.”


  1. APU defines “the community” not only as the area where its campus is located but all the areas around the world where everyone involved with APU is active.
  2. With APU serving as a hub with its origins in the Asia Pacific region, APU aims to create Global Learning Communities throughout the world and contribute to solving the various issues that society and the community face.
  3. “Learning” not only means the knowledge gained from university classes and the practical application thereof, but also the wide range of know-how and skills gained through cooperation with the community, the ability to integrate that know-how and those skills, and the ability to empathize and collaborate with others.