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Master's Program in Asia Pacific Studies (APS)

About the Program

Many people regard the 21st century as the "Asia Pacific century" as a result of the region's continuous and robust growth. The region's prominence can be witnessed through its increasing political power in the G-20 and economic interdependence that boosts steady growth. Such economic interdependence leads to close socioeconomic interactions among the people of the region.

The Master's Program in Asia Pacific Studies aims to educate and transform students into competent leaders ready to handle challenges facing the Asia Pacific region. The program encourages students to analyze complicated and ever-changing socio-cultural conditions and international issues, pursue feasible solutions to challenges the region is facing and pave a path to a prosperous future for the region. Students accumulate professional knowledge and insights, interpret complex facts in objective and systematic manners and provide insightful solutions to problems.

Graduates of this program can pursue careers as think-tank researchers, university teaching staff, in nongovernmental organizations/non-profit organizations (NGOs/NPOs), private companies, as well as central/local government agencies in Japan and around the world. A number of our graduates choose to stay on and pursue further research through APU's doctoral course.

A broad range of issues are addressed in the two divisions: International Relations and Society & Culture. The courses taught under this program consist of four pillars: analytical foundation courses, core courses on the Asia Pacific region, division specific courses and research oriented intensive seminar courses. Most courses are run on a quarterly basis, each lasting approximately two months.

This program nurtures students' research skills, including the ability to formulate frameworks for analyses, collect and analyze data and test arguments and hypotheses. Students are expected to conduct research under a specific theme in a systematic manner throughout their studies.

At the end of the program, students must submit a thesis or report on a theme of their choice which they have developed under personal guidance from their supervisors in the seminar series courses which run throughout the program. In the process of thesis/report writing, they are encouraged to conduct field surveys in the Asia Pacific region. The graduate school provides financial support for these field surveys. APU organizes numerous seminars and conferences and invites prominent scholars and researchers to share on their fields of expertise. Students are encouraged to sharpen their research ideas by taking advantage of these opportunities.

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