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Master's Program in International Cooperation Policy (ICP)

About the Program

The Asia Pacific region and the international community as a whole are facing many urgent issues which need to be addressed in order to ensure equitable development and sustainable environments.

The International Cooperation Policy Master's program provides students with policy-oriented and practical advice, drawing on diverse fields to train creative professionals who can understand complex challenges from multiple perspectives and formulate feasible solutions with integrative approaches from global, regional and local perspectives.

Such training will improve practical skills and knowledge to plan, implement and evaluate projects and thereby contribute to organizations that work closely with and in developing nations.

As the program attracts students of diverse backgrounds from all over the world, students easily develop extensive personal networks during their course of studies. Such networks serve as valuable assets even after graduation. Graduates of this program work in industries in or dealing with the Asia Pacific region, national and local governments in Japan and around the world, development agencies and other regional and international organizations.

Course Structure and Content

Students can select one of the following five divisions for their specialization: International Public Administration, Public Health Management, Sustainability Science, Tourism & Hospitality and Development Economics.

They are also required to take analytical foundation, core and seminar courses and submit a master's thesis or a research report to complete their course. Furthermore, current topics are introduced through special study series courses. Some of the subjects are provided jointly with our MBA program for more effective professional development.

This course is designed in such a way that students can develop multi-disciplinary knowledge under the tutelage of multinational faculty members who possess both professional and academic experience. In order to take full advantage of such an environment, students are encouraged to engage actively in various activities in the program. Additionally, numerous seminars and workshops are organized throughout the year. There are many opportunities for students to participate in the exchange of ideas, information and expertise with academics, experts, business executives, policy makers and senior administrators.

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