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GSM Mission

The Mission of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) is to cultivate creative, well-rounded professionals who will manage and lead globalizing enterprises and organizations with their advanced management skills and innovative, global, and ethical mindset.

Master's Degree (GSM)

Master of Business Administration

Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Japanese Management (JM)
  • Accounting and Finance (AF)
  • Marketing and Management (MM)
  • Innovation and Operations Management (IOM)
Enrollment Semesters April, September
Program Duration 2 years

*Notes: All graduate school lectures are taught in English

AACSB International Accreditation

College of International Management and Graduate School of Management are accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) - an internationally recognized organization evaluating the business schools.

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At the Graduate School of Management, we focus on learning about the Japanese style of management based on an understanding of the fundamental theories and principals of international business and management. It is the only graduate school of its kind where you can study Japanese-style management in an all-English curriculum.

So, you might ask, why should we study Japanese-style management? In the wake of defeat in the Second World War, Japan not only recovered, it achieved an economic miracle. Since then Japan has experienced the highs of the 1980's economic bubble and the years of deflation that followed. Japan has experienced not only success, but also many failures. But through these experiences, Japan has gained wisdom and knowledge and progressed from an adolescent into a mature economy. Unlike back in the early days of the economic recovery, when Japan could be said to have been in its economic teens and twenties, the country now has the ability to impart its knowledge and experiences and to lead people.

What are some the unique features of Japanese-style management? At the Graduate School of Business, we have prepared a wide range of case studies focusing on the three keywords of Japanese-style management, long-lasting management, quality control, and hospitality. Equipped with the spirit of Japanese business, students who complete our graduate program are leading active careers in different fields around the world.

Student Data for the Graduate School of Management

Student Data from AY2017 to AY2019

Student Data AY2017 AY2018 AY2019
Enrollement 8
(Apr 2017)
(Sep 2017)
(Apr 2018)
(Sep 2018)
(Apr 2019)
(Sep 2019)
The total number of Student 75
(Nov 2017)
(Nov 2018)
(Nov 2019)
The number of Nationality 31
(Nov 2017)
(Nov 2018)
(Nov 2019)
The number of Graduates 24
(Sep 2017)
(Mar 2018)
(Sep 2018)
(Mar 2018)
(Sep 2019)
(Mar 2020)
The number of graduates who completed within standard course term 33
Job offer acceptance rate 92% 91% 89%
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