Undergraduate/Graduate School

Doctoral Program in Asia Pacific Studies (APS)

The Ph.D. aims to expand the existing boundaries of the field and facilitate projects that set new standards for future research. Research is divided into two broad areas of study:

I. Understanding the current situation in the Asia Pacific region: Research examines and defines critical issues currently facing the region by synthesizing the results of previous studies.

II. Working to create a prosperous future for the Asia Pacific region: Future-oriented research focuses on strategies for establishing sustainable development in the region.

The developing world is in great need of internationally-minded individuals possessing specialized knowledge and skills. As such, it is becoming increasingly common for international aid organizations to enlist the professional guidance of doctoral students. The same holds true for local organizations that receive and coordinate aid. The Ph.D. in Asia Pacific Studies at APU helps students to realize their potential in order to make significant contributions to society.

Course Structure and Content

Completion of the Ph.D. requires fulfillment of doctoral coursework and publications in addition to submission and approval of a final dissertation. The dissertation should integrate the result of in-depth investigations into Asia Pacific issues and incorporate individual findings that outline strategic, policy-oriented and practical solutions to issues arising from current developments in the region. Research supervision can be provided in areas such as Diversity and Integration, Environment and Development, International Political Economy and Tourism Development.

The Graduate School organizes the Research in Progress Seminars as an opportunity for doctoral students to observe the work of their peers and gain presentation experience and constructive feedback in regards to their research. These seminars are not only beneficial to those currently conducting their Ph.D. research, but also to those who wish to know more about the doctoral program and the research involved. Finding empirical data through field research is the core of dissertation writing. APU provides support for doctoral students conducting field research for their dissertations.Moreover, a subsidy is given to those Ph.D. students who present their research outcomes at an academic conference. The doctoral program is highly personalized and prospective students are encouraged to contact APU at an early stage to discuss their research interests and program structure.

The program aims to produce independent individuals capable of conducting high-level research. Such capabilities extend from the expertise in theoretical and empirical approaches for investigation, combined with in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, to the ability to collect necessary data, analyze it scientifically and draw practical solutions of complicated issues in comprehensive and integrative manners. Graduates of this program become distinguished leaders of society and take on prominent roles in advanced institutions for research and higher education around the world.

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