What are Online Library Catalogues and OPAC's?

An Online Library Catalogue is a system accessible through the Internet that allows you to consult the holdings of a library. This way, you can easily find out if the book, journal or other material you are looking for is present in a specific library. OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog. An OPAC is simply an Online Library Catalogue which is freely accessible for anybody on the Internet.

What OPAC's can I use?

First of all, you can of course use RUNNERS. RUNNERS is the joint OPAC of APU and Ritsumeikan University. You can consult the catalogues of all libraries in the Ritsumeikan system and, if you are an APU student, also make book reservations and use the inter-library loan system.

RUNNERS Discovery is the library collection of Ritsumeikan University Library and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Library, you can search for e-journals,e-Book together

To simultaneously consult all university library OPAC's in Japan, you can use NACSIS WebCat. NACSIS WebCat is run by the National Institute of Informatics and allows you to search in all the Japanese University Libraries.

Most universities both here in Japan and overseas make their library catalog available to the public in the form of an OPAC. Runners - the Ritsumeikan OPAC included. The following list of links provide access to directories of OPACs that are freely available on the web.

You can borrow materials housed in the Oita Prefecture Library without having to leave the APU Library.

  • Search for the item you want to borrow on the Oita Prefecture Library homepagethe Oita Prefecture Library homepage.
  • Check to make sure it is not available at APU or RU through RUNNERS At present, you cannot borrow materials from the Oita Prefecture Library if they are available in the libraries of APU or RU.
  • Login to MyLibrary. Enter the title, author publisher and other necessary information and click "Borrow".
  • An APU Library staff member will request the materials from the Oita Prefecture Library on your behalf.
  • Once the item arrives, you will receive an e-mail asking you to claim it at the library counter.

【Important Points】

  • This service is only available through the APU Library. You cannot apply for your own Oita Prefecture Library card and have them send materials to the APU Library.
  • If the item you request from the Oita Prefecture Library is on loan at the time of your application, your request will be cancelled.
  • You cannot borrow periodicals and materials designated for in-library use.
  • The lending period is 14 days; extensions are not permitted.