Alumni, retired faculty and staff members

Alumni, retired faculty and staff members

The APU library may be used by alumni and retired faculty members and staff. To use the library, you will need to register and have a library card. Please complete the procedure at the 1F Service Counter. Please see the following page for details on using the library.

For Using the APU Library


Alumni of any Ritsumeikan school or retired Ritsumeikan Trust faculty & staff

Documents required to confirm eligibility

Please submit the following along with your Application Form

  • An official document such as, a resident card, a driver's license, a certificate of residence (within one month of issued date), a health insurance card.
    *Passports will not be accepted
  • A photocopy of the official document listed above (including your address)
  • 1 ID photo (Any size is acceptable)
  • A return envelope (with an 94-yen stamp, your name, address, and postcode written)
  • Library Card Application Form

Expiration date

Valid until 31st March of the following Academic year

Services Available

  • Reading, photocopying, and borrowing (Alumni: up to 3 books for 14 days, Retired faculty and staff members: up to 10 books for 30 days) materials. NB: Materials marked "館内(for library use only)" are for reading and copying only and may not be taken out.
  • Information on using the APU library and reference service (how to use materials and how to search for literature)
  • Inter-Library Loans (Requests should be made at the Reference Counter)

Services Not Available

  • Online library services (Referring you to other institutions or ordering books on your behalf)
  • Some search functions, such as literature search or inquiries to other institutions on your behalf, searches via external databases and telephone calls.
  • Requests for purchase of material not available at the APU Library.
  • Group study rooms, presentation room and study booths.


The following activities are prohibited in the library. Your right to use the library may be denied if you are found doing of the following:

  • Watching or listening to videos and audio-tapes brought from outside the library.
  • Bringing children and or infants to the library
  • Smoking, eating, drinking, chatting, reading aloud in the library.
  • Lending library cards or loaned materials to others.
  • Conducting any annoying behavior toward other users
  • Unauthorized check-out of materials from the library
  • Any acts against public order and standards of decency
  • Any other acts prohibited by the regulations of APU Library


  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Library
  • 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan
  • Tel:0977-78-1145
  • FAX:0977-78-1047