Call for Speakers

RCAPS conducts seminars inviting speakers from within and outside APU with the aim of network building and sharing information on Asia Pacific Studies.

RCAPS Seminar

RCAPS is calling for RCAPS Seminar proposals. APU full time faculty members only can be the organizer. We ask those interested to read the Notes on RCAPS Seminars & Expense Guidelines below, fill out the application form below (web form) and inform the RCAPS secretariat (APU Research Office) at rcaps* by email after filling out the application web form. Applications will be screened by the RCAPS Steering Committee and may be turned down depending on the screening results.

(Please change the letter from * to @ to protect from spam mail)
RCAPS Seminar Guidelines(PDF)
RCAPS Seminar Application Form (Word)
Honorarium and Travel Expenses Payment Request Form (Word)
RCAPS Seminar Report(Word)

Research Talk

Research Talk is an opportunity to exchange ideas of research in the academic community in APU. The director of RCAPS organizes the Research Talk. All APU staff are encouraged to give a talk. Students are allowed to be a speaker if there is strong recommendation by their supervisors.

Notes on RCAPS Current Research Seminars (PDF)

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