Past Asia Pacific Conferences(AP Conference)


Theme Term Keynote Paneleist

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Conference

[Jointly organized by Brain Korea 21 of Kyung Hee University, Korea]
[With Cooperation from The United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR)]
「Asian Cultures : Confluence and Divergence」


Keynote address

YOU Hong-June (Administrator, Cultural Heritage Administration, Republic of Korea)
KORENAGA Shun (Former President, Osaka University of Foreign Studies)
CHEN Jo Chiung Hua (Vice-President / Director, Extension Division for Inservice and Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU))
Roland SILVA (President, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka / Honorary President, International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS))


Theme Term Keynote Paneleist

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Conference

[Held in conjunction with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)International Meeting Series]

"Global Movements in the Asia Pacific"


Keynote address

LEE Yuan Tseh (Former President, Academia Sinica / Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)

Adbassador Alfonso T. YUCHENGCO (Chairman, The Yuchengco Group of Companies / Former Ambassador, The Republic of the Philippines)

RCAPS Workshop

"Government Policies and Chinese International Migration, Settlement and Transnationalism"

1/25-1/26 Professor QIU Liben (Professor, Institute of History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing / Vice-Chairman, China Society of Overseas Chinese History)

RCAPS Workshop

"Historical Research on East Asia in the United States"


Special Lecture

John DUNCAN (Director, Center for Korean Studies / Professor, Asia Languages and Cultures, UCLA))


Theme Term Keynote Paneleist

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Nobel Laureate Symposium

"Reason, Discourse and Capabilty -Significance for the Asia Pacific-"


Keynote address

Amartya SEN (Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor, Harvard University)

Follow-up Program supported by the Institute of Developing Economies Advanced School (IDEAS)

[Supported by RCAPS]

"Globalization and Revitalization of Asian Local Economies"

11/16 YAMAMOTO Kazumi (Professor, Faculty of Modern Chinese Studies, Aichi University)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Conference 「An East Asian Community? Global and Regional Dynamics」 11/26-11/27

Keynote address

H.E. ONG Keng Yong (Secretary-General of Association of South East Asian (ASEAN))
YOSHIMURA Yukio (Vice President and Special Representative, Japan, The World Bank)
ITO Takatoshi (Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo)
SAITO Shinzo (Vice Chairman, Atomic Energy Comission of Japan)
Wahdi S.A. Yudhi (Deputy Director, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), Bangkok)

RCAPS Workshop

Seventh Seminar of National Assembly of South Korea Culture, Tourism Industry

"Measures for Stimulating Japanese and Korean Culture and Tourism"


CHAE Su Chan (Member of the National Assembly of South Korea)

KANG Shin Kyum (Samsung Economic Research Institute Senior Researcher)

RCAPS Workshop

Development of Human Resources in Asia- Industries to further nurture tip management-
This workshop was held in Japanese.(Please see a Japanese page.)


David S. Hong (President of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research)

Jia Huaiqin (Professor at the University of International Business and Economics)

Hayase Koichi (Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Kuala Lumpur Center, Advisor of Investment Abroad)

RCAPS Symposium

[Held in conjunction with the Institute of Developing Economies-Japan External Trade Organization]

"Japan's Experience in Regional Industrial Promotion, Lessons for Developing CountriesFocusing on Asia's One Village, One Product Movement"


HIRAMATSU Morihiko (Former Governor, Oita Prefecture / Chairman, Oita One Village One Product International Exchange Promotion Comittee)

MATSUI Kazuhisa (Director, Regional Research Center, Japan External Trade Organizarion)

RCAPS Workshop

"Vitalization of Local Economies Through Innovation"


YOSHIKAWA Tomomichi (Professor, Waseda University / Trustee, Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs)

YAMAGUCHI Yasuhisa (Director, Oita Branch, Development Bank of Japan) 


Theme Term Keynote Panelist
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Conference
「The City Limits : Rethinking the Significance of the City in a Globalizing Age」
1/29-1/30 Keynote address 
Michael Douglass (Director, Center for Globalization Research, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.)


Theme Term  Keynote Paneleist
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Conference
「The Limits of the Nation-State in the Asia Pacific」
11/27-11/28 Keynote address
VOGEL, Ezra (Professor, Harvard University, U.S.A.)
YAMAZAWA Ippei (President,  International University of Japan)
ISHII Yoneo (President,  Kanda University, Japan)

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