March, 2013

Mar 7, 2013

This information is for the following students;

  • Students who will be in an odd-numbered semester in Spring 2013
  • Students who are re-admitting or re-enrolling in Spring 2013
  • Students returning from a foreign exchange program in Spring 2013
  • This does not apply to students scheduled for early graduation who took an early health checkup in February or March.

    Refer to the included detailed information, confirm your schedule, and be sure to take a health checkup during the examination period.

    The detailed information is also posted on the APU Website:

    If students who are supposed to take a health checkup in the 2013 Spring semester do not take a health checkup including any necessary re-examinations, their APU Tuition Reduction scholarship (100%, 80%, 65%, 50% and 30% Tuition Reduction,

    Canon Scholarship)・KOKUNAIGAKUSEIGAKUSYUU Scholarship・



    for the 2013 Fall semester.

    Ensuring that a student’s health does not interfere with their studies is both a way to support students in their life at school as well as a prerequisite for receiving scholarships. This also helps individual students gain an understanding of the state of their own health, helps them learn to manage their own health, and helps establish good health practices and a fuller, richer life at university.

    Please be sure to get your periodic health checkup!

    APU Health Clinic

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