May, 2013

May 7, 2013

The Student Organization who wants to use Student Union and Sports Facilities from
1st August to 1st October for the Summer Vacation 2013AY, please confirm the reservation period,
and make reservations using reservation book at Student Office counter.
[Reservation Period]
the Premier organizations:26/June(Wed) 10:00 – 9/July(Tue) 16:30
the other organizations: 3/July(Wed) 10:00 – 9/July(Wed) 16:30
And also attend the facility meeting.
Please be sure that you can't use facilities if you absent
this meeting.
[Facility Meeting]
Wed. 10th July
*Student Union 12:00-
*Gym, ground, tennis court 13:00-
Place: Conference Room 6, 3F Building A
Student Office
Email: (shared mail)

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