November, 2014

Dec 11, 2015

If your club/circle would like to apply for recognition as a new Premier Organization from AY2016, complete the required application forms and submit them to the Student Office before the deadline listed below.

Please check “the Premier Organization eligibility criteria and support system

Application deadline: Wednesday Jan 6 16:30
※ Submissions will not be accepted after 16:30.

Document screening results will be announced on Tue Jan, 19

The interview will be held for organizations that passed document screening. Interview date will be announced after document screening.

<Application Form>

  1. Application for Premier Club Status
  2. Other relevant documents(Refer to “the Premier Organization eligibility criteria and support system”)

Student Office

Dec 9, 2015

We now accept application for Incentive Scholarships for self-motivated students.

Those students who have displayed exceptional performance in their extra-curricular activities either as a group or as an individual, are eligible to apply.

Application Period

December 9th, Wednesday - January 6th, Wednesday, 4:30pm

Please read the description from HERE.

Required documents

1. Application Form  HERE
2. Attached proof of activities and results HERE
3. Account for Scholarship Funds HERE

Student Office

Dec 8, 2015

Student organizations who want to use the Student Union and sports facilities for Spring Vacation. (From February 7, 2016 to April 10, 2016) Need to confirm their reservation period, and make reservations using the reservation book at the counter in the Student Office.
*This does not include classroom reservations.

[Reservation Period]
Premier Organizations: 21/Dec/2015(Mon) 10:00 – 12/Jan/2016(Tue) 16:30
Other Organizations   : 6/Jan/2016(Wed) 10:00 – 12/Jan/2016(Tue) 16:30
And also attend the facility meeting.
Understand that you cannot use facilities if you are absent from this meeting.

Facility Meeting
Wednesday, 13 January, 2016
*Organizations who use the Student Union: 10:00-
*Organizations who use the gym, ground, or tennis court: 13:00-

Place: Students Union I, 2F Conference Room (E Building)
*The meeting will start on time. Do NOT be late!
*If any organizations have a scheduling conflict, the organizations must negotiate a solution among themselves; therefore, your organization should have someone who can negotiate for you attend the meeting.
*organizations need to make sure they have at least one member attending for each facility they want to reserve.

Student Office
Email: (shared mail)

Nov 26, 2015

Overseas activity consultation and guidance sessions will be held according to the schedule below.

  • Even if you have not decided whether or not your club or circle will actually go, any organizations that might travel overseas must attend all of these consultations and guidance sessions.
  • Attendance will be taken at these sessions, and any members or organizations that do not attend will not be permitted to travel overseas as an activity.
  • Students who participated in the summer guidance session must attend this guidance session if they will be traveling in the spring.
  • Even if travel destination is some member’s home country, they still need to attend guidance session.

Consultation / Guidance Session Schedule

  1. Wednesday, November 25 - Tuesday, December 8
    Student Office Consultations. The member of your organization in charge of your overseas activity must come to the Student Office and meet with office staff.
  2. 4th Period on Wednesday, December 16 in room F108
    Overseas Activity Procedures and Vaccinations. Two representatives from each organization must attend this guidance session on vaccinations and the procedures required.
  3. 4th Period on Wednesday, January 20 in rooms F101(Japanese) and F102(English)
    Safety and Crisis Management Guidance Session. All members participating in the overseas activity must attend this guidance session.

Student Office
Extracurricular Activity Team

Oct 16, 2015

The following 4 forms have been revised. Please use the new version below in future.

・ECA Form 03 Event Application
・ECA Form 04 Off-Campus / On-Campus Activities Proposal
・ECA Form 45 Extracurricular Activity Organization Event Proposal
・ECA Form 46 Extracurricular Activity Organization Event Report

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