November, 2015

Nov 26, 2015

Overseas activity consultation and guidance sessions will be held according to the schedule below.

  • Even if you have not decided whether or not your club or circle will actually go, any organizations that might travel overseas must attend all of these consultations and guidance sessions.
  • Attendance will be taken at these sessions, and any members or organizations that do not attend will not be permitted to travel overseas as an activity.
  • Students who participated in the summer guidance session must attend this guidance session if they will be traveling in the spring.
  • Even if travel destination is some member’s home country, they still need to attend guidance session.

Consultation / Guidance Session Schedule

  1. Wednesday, November 25 - Tuesday, December 8
    Student Office Consultations. The member of your organization in charge of your overseas activity must come to the Student Office and meet with office staff.
  2. 4th Period on Wednesday, December 16 in room F108
    Overseas Activity Procedures and Vaccinations. Two representatives from each organization must attend this guidance session on vaccinations and the procedures required.
  3. 4th Period on Wednesday, January 20 in rooms F101(Japanese) and F102(English)
    Safety and Crisis Management Guidance Session. All members participating in the overseas activity must attend this guidance session.

Student Office
Extracurricular Activity Team

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