July, 2018

Jul 26, 2018

The Activity Application System will be closed for maintenance on Monday, August 27, 2018, from 00:00 to 3:00.

Thank you for your understanding.

Student Office

Jul 16, 2018

Student organizations who want to use the Student Union and
sports facilities for 1st Quarter of Fall Semester. (From October 3, 2018 to November 20, 2018)..
Need to confirm their reservation period, and make reservations using the reservation
book at the counter in the Student Office.
*This does not include classroom reservations.

Also, we figured that there is no need for student groups to negotiate for regular use of all the equipment except movable mirrors (One student group is booking for one equipment. Booking requests do not overlap with other groups). Therefore, from Spring break in AY2016, regular equipment use is only available for the movable mirrors. If your group would like to use the movable mirror regularly, please fill out the reservation booking at the Student Office.

**Reservation Period**
Premier Organization: September11 ,2018 ~September 21, 2018 by16:30
Registered Organization: September 18 ,2018 ~September 21, 2018 by16:30

And also attend the facility meeting.
Understand that you cannot use facilities if you are absent from this meeting.

**Facility Meeting**
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

*Organizations who use the Student Union: 13:00-
Place: a Class room F209 (F Building)
*Organizations who use the gym, ground, or tennis court: 15:00-
Place: a Class room F209 (F Building)

*The meeting will start on time. Do NOT be late!
*If any organizations have a scheduling conflict, the organizations must negotiate a solution among themselves; therefore, your organization should have someone who can negotiate for you attend the meeting.
*organizations need to make sure they have at least one member attending for each facility they want to reserve.

Student Office
Email: (shared mail)

Jul 5, 2018

To all organizations:

Heatstroke is a medical emergency which can lead to death if the appropriate measures are not taken in time. In recent years, heatstroke has been the cause of death in incidents at universities around Japan. The University asks the organizations to check the Japan Weather Association and the Red Cross websites and take measures to prevent the possibility of heatstroke accidents occurring within your organization. The University asks all organizations to be careful and inform all of their members of the dangers of heatstroke because heatstroke can happen not only to members of sports organizations but also when members of cultural and arts clubs and circles are practicing or when academic research and social service clubs and circles are doing their activities.

Here are some particularly important prevention methods taken from the link below. Japanese)

  1. Make sure that you drink water frequently
  2. Make sure that you absorb a reasonable amount of sodium
  3. Be aware of the temperature and the humidity all the time
  4. Make sure you wear the right clothes
  5. Shield yourself from strong sunlight
  6. Take frequent breaks

In addition to understanding the prevention methods above, immediately stop what you are doing if you feel sick. All the members of your organization should understand the information provided on the websites mentioned above to be able to provide appropriate emergency treatment if a member of your organization shows signs of heatstroke. Also, when your organization is planning a student activity, please enroll in sports insurance as well as any other insurance appropriate for the event.

Student Office

Jul 4, 2018

To the student organizations that are required to clean the University's facilities:

The Student Office is holding a facility cleanup day for student organizations, RAs, and the Tenku Festival Committee.

The condition in which the facilities are being used as well as kept is horrendous, and it also indicates the facilities are not being cleaned properly. Each organization needs to clean the facilities after they use them.

The schedule for the club and circle cleanup day is below.

The organizations that are required to participate will need to have at least two members of their organization present in each area. Please be aware that the organizations who do not have the minimum number of members or do not participate in this cleanup will not be allowed to use the campus facilities and the storerooms from August 1, 2018.

The Student Office will inform the core members of the details via their "Action Required" section in their Campus Terminal account at the beginning of July.

★★Facility cleanup for club and circles★★
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: From 14:15 until the cleanup is finished
Meeting place: The area where the student is responsible for cleaning.

★★Atelier cleanup★★
To be announced at a later date.

Student Office

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