September, 2018

Sep 11, 2018

The 2018 premier organizations are asked to submit their activity report for the spring semester by Monday, October 8. The forms are located at the bottom of the "New application" category in the online registration system. The title of the form is "Activity report for the spring semester."

It is mandatory that each premier organization submit their spring activity report. Organizations who fail to submit their spring activity report will lose their premier organization status.

Please submit the activity report by the deadline.

Student Office

Sep 7, 2018

At present, there are approximately 109 different student organizations active at APU, in the categories of sports, academic research, culture arts, and social organizations (volunteer groups).

You are free to join any of these student organizations, or even create new ones.

If you want to join the club, please directly contact to the club. How would you like to challenge setting up a new organization in this Fall semester?

If you are interested, please read the "Establishing a New Organization" carefully and fill in the application form and submit it.

Student Office

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