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Mar 22, 2019

Clubs/circles that are distributing fliers at the entrance ceremony at B-con plaza on Monday, April 1 must comply with the following rules.
Any clubs/circles who do not comply with these rules will get their activities suspended by the University.

  1. 1. Rules about promotional activities
    1. 1) No promotional performances such as dancing, performing or having demonstrations are allowed of any kind in B-Con Plaza.
    2. 2) Your organization will need to follow same procedures as when distributing fliers on campus. You will first need to bring a copy of the flier to the Student Office to get permission.
      1. ①Fliers need to be both in Japanese and English. The organization's name and contact information (e-mail) must be written on the fliers.
      2. ②After the Student Office grants permission, make the necessary amount of copies and bring all of the copies to the Student Office to get the permission stamp stamped on them.
        *If a large number of fliers is needed, make the copies with an original containing the permission stamp from the Student Office.
      3. ③Distributing fliers for other organizations or fliers that were not approved is prohibited.
      4. ④Distributing fliers for where you work or promoting events is strictly prohibited.
    3. 3) Reserving the printing machine
      1. ①You can now reserve the printing machine by using the reservation system.
      2. ②The system is the same as it is now. If you make a reservation, and later you realize that you will not need it, please cancel the reservation.
      3. ③There are occasions that the printing machine cannot be used because of the need for repairs and it may take some time for the printing machine to get fixed. Even if the printing machine is not available for use, the University will not bear the costs of your printing expenses.
  2. 2. Time when distributing fliers is allowed
    1. (1) Clubs/circles can only distribute fliers after the entrance ceremony.
      1. To ensure the entrance ceremony is not delayed or disturbed, distributing fliers before and during the entrance ceremony is prohibited.
  3. 3. The area distribution is allowed
    1. (1) Distributing fliers is only allowed at Entrance Hall after the entrance ceremony.
    2. (2) To avoid impeding the areas the new students will be passing through, please distribute fliers in places other than near the doors.
  4. 4. Collecting fliers
    1. (1) In the past, fliers that were distributed were thrown on the ground. Now, all organizations that distribute fliers will need to clean up afterward.
    2. (2) Cleaning will begin from 16:30. At least two people from each organization that distributed fliers will need to help clean.
    3. (3) All the people who will participate in the cleaning will need to assemble in front of the Philharmonia Hall entrance.

Student Office

Feb 25, 2019

Regular Use of the Facilities and Facility Meeting
for Spring Semester 1st Quarter. (From April 8, 2019 to May 26, 2019)

Student organizations who want to use the Student Union and
sports facilities for Spring Semester 1st Quarter. (From April 8, 2019 to May 26, 2019).
Need to confirm their reservation period, and make reservations using the reservation
book at the counter in the Student Office.
*This does not include classroom reservations.

Regular equipment use is only available for the movable mirrors. If your group would like to use the movable mirror regularly, please fill out the reservation booking at the Student Office.

[Reservation Period]
Premier Organization:08/Mar/2019(Fri) 10:00 – 20/Mar/2019(Tue) 16:30
Registered Organization:15/Mar/2019(Fri) 10:00 – 20/Mar/2019(Tue) 16:30
*And also attend the facility meeting.
*Understand that you cannot use facilities if you are absent from this meeting.

【Facility Meeting】 Friday, March 22, 2019
*Organizations who use the Student Union: 13:00-
Place: a Class room H102 (H Building)
*Organizations who use the gym, ground, or tennis court: 15:00-
Place: a Class room H102 (H Building)

  • *The meeting will start on time. Do NOT be late!
  • *If any organizations have a scheduling conflict, the organizations must negotiate a solution among themselves; therefore, your organization should have someone who can negotiate for you attend the meeting.
  • *organizations need to make sure they have at least one member attending for each facility they want to reserve.
  • For example, if an organization wants to reserve two facilities, two or more people from that organization must attend the Facility Meeting.

Refer to the following web page.
*Facilities / Equipment:
 Use on-campus facilities and equipment (Overall procedure)
 Regular Use of the Facilities and Facility

Student Office
Email: (share mail address)

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