February, 2020

Feb 21, 2020

Due to the university's decision to cancel the 2020 spring entrance ceremony, student organizations will not be able to distribute fliers or conduct other promotional activities at the ceremony as planned. The university is looking into providing student organizations with an opportunity to hand out fliers and promote their club/circle activities during the new student orientation period. Further details will follow shortly.

Student Office

Feb 7, 2020

Clubs/circles who would like to distribute fliers at the entrance ceremony at B-con Plaza on Wednesday, April 1 must comply with the following rules.
The University will suspend the activities of any clubs/circles that do not comply with these rules.

  1. Promotional activity rules
    1. Organizations can receive permission to distribute fliers, however, must follow the rules concerning flier distribution below in 3.
    2. No promotional performances such as dancing, performing, or conducting demonstrations are allowed of any kind in B-Con Plaza facilities (including the Entrance Hall) or anywhere else on the premises.
    3. Flier distribution rules
      1. Organizations must follow the same procedures as when distributing fliers on campus. You will first need to bring a copy of the flier to the Student Office to receive approval. ※The Student Office will begin accepting flier approval requests from March 13th after the club/circle re-registration screening results have been announced.
      2. Fliers need to be both in Japanese and English. The organization's name and contact information (e-mail) must be written on the fliers.
      3. After you receive permission from the Student Office, make the necessary amount of copies and bring all copies to the Student Office to have them stamped.
        *If a large number of fliers is needed, make copies with the original that has the Student Office approval stamp on it.
      4. Distributing fliers for other organizations or fliers that were not approved is prohibited.
      5. Distributing fliers for where you work or promoting events that are not approved by the Student Office is strictly prohibited.
      6. Distributing food or drinks (including snacks, candy, or juice) with the fliers is prohibited.
      7. Organizations who wish to distribute souvenirs from overseas with their fliers must consult with the Student Office beforehand.
    4. Reserving the printing machine
      1. Use the reservation system to reserve the printing machine.
      2. The same policy applies when reserving the printing machine; if you make a reservation, and later realize that you will not need it, please cancel the reservation.
      3. There are occasions when the printing machine is not working properly and cannot be used. It may take some time for the printing machine to be fixed. Please be aware the University will not bear printing costs even if the printing machine is not available for use.
  2. Flier distribution timing
    1. Clubs/circles can only distribute fliers after the entrance ceremony.
      1. To ensure the entrance ceremony is not delayed or disturbed, distributing fliers before and during the entrance ceremony is prohibited.
  3. Flier distribution area
    1. Distributing fliers is only allowed in the Entrance Hall after the conclusion of the entrance ceremony.
    2. Distribute fliers only in the designated area to avoid obstructing the new students passing through.
  4. Collecting fliers
    1. At previous entrance ceremonies, distributed fliers were left scattered on the ground. Because problems such as these reflect poorly on the University, all organizations that distribute fliers will need to clean up afterward.
    2. Cleaning will begin at 16:30. At least two people from each organization that distributed fliers will need to help clean.
    3. All the people who will participate in the cleaning will need to assemble in front of the Philharmonia Hall entrance.

Student Office

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